My name is Britten and I like art and unconventionally beautiful things. I'm an MCB major and sometimes post to the U of A tag. And I tag people/shows/movies.
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wow everyone in my family is sUCH A PIECE OF SHIT


Fluorite specimen with beautiful phantoms from Minerva Mine, Illinois

stop making such a big deal when someone says “irregardless.” You know what they mean, it’s in the dictionary, new words get invented and used all the time.  Stop being a prescriptivist


Sasha Pivovarova by Igor Vishnyakov for Free People’s January 2014 Catalogue

Choose a person that makes you believe in the impossible.

You deserve a love that’s as extraordinary as your personality, and as profound as the suffering you have been through.

Love should never be wasted on mediocrity. It should never be average.

Never settle for anyone who won’t woo you, who won’t give you sleepless nights due to the butterflies in your stomach, and who won’t sweep you off your feet until all you see are stars -

so many stars you find yourself forgetting the darkness that makes them shine so bright in the first place.

Sade Andria Zabala (surfandwrite) | Thought of the Day: Don’t Settle (via surfandwrite)

(Source: surfandwrite, via ironbornasha)


Portrait of a Lady, Called Elizabeth, Lady Tanfield, 1615.

Vera Mishurina